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From UltraZoo,

Why can’t I get a responses from RCP? OR, anybody on this forum”?

I placed my order. I sent the crypto. I have had zero response from RCP!
My order is STILL showing canceled?!

RCP, please acknowledge my transaction, change my order status to paid and send me a tracking number.

Last night when there was a problem accessing the RCP site, I sent an email stating the problem. I received an immediate response from RCP letting me know that site was now fixed, up and running.

So I placed placed my order.

RCP, again, please acknowledge my order and payment. I know that there is a time zone delay.

This is not the way to treat a new customer. Especially one that can bring you a lot of business.

Thank you for doing the right thing. Karma is a real thing.

Best Regards, UZ