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    Hi, new guy here.

    Is it normal to place an order AND pay for it only to have the order
    labelled as canceled the next day?

    Might just be their system? Thanks!


    From UltraZoo,

    Why can’t I get a responses from RCP? OR, anybody on this forum”?

    I placed my order. I sent the crypto. I have had zero response from RCP!
    My order is STILL showing canceled?!

    RCP, please acknowledge my transaction, change my order status to paid and send me a tracking number.

    Last night when there was a problem accessing the RCP site, I sent an email stating the problem. I received an immediate response from RCP letting me know that site was now fixed, up and running.

    So I placed placed my order.

    RCP, again, please acknowledge my order and payment. I know that there is a time zone delay.

    This is not the way to treat a new customer. Especially one that can bring you a lot of business.

    Thank you for doing the right thing. Karma is a real thing.

    Best Regards, UZ


    Everything ok now? You should update because if they send u the product then you should let everyone know and not only that it’s respectful to the company to show that they did the right thing. Hope everything went well for ya mate 🤞

    -sunny skies & + Vibes 🕉️Shai


    I agree, people post complaints but don’t care to update anyone on what happened, I would bet that everything worked out and then they were too self absorbed or ashamed to send a follow up.


    4 orders still not sent. First order went great. So i thought i finally fouund a legit supplier. Not the case. I have orders still not received from november. And of course no ship or refund. If it
    Changes ill let you know. I think on these small time providers they fill your small otders but when you go and order big they just rob u. Lall it takes is an angry call to the dea once your aure you got scammed


    How much did you order? Why would you order 3 more times if you never got the first one? I am a little confused by the DEA comment at the end of your reply. This stuff is strictly for research, but it seems like you have maybe been exposed to these chemicals in your unprofessional lab. Also realize that you have stated that you are buying large amounts of a research chemical and after getting scammed 4 times in a row, you’re plan is to notify the DEA about a company that operates in China? Or are you insinuating that they will call the DEA on you? Either way, I am sure that will work out great for you… 😑


    Did you get your order or not?

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