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    Mark Btiggs

    I have been very satisfied with shipping and customer service here. I placed an order for research on Jan 22nd, checked the tracking on the 26th only to find it was incorrect and I was provided a different tracking number and the shipping label created on or before that date and their replies were quick.

    I trust my order will come but as this has never happened to me, I was wondering an estimated timeline. I’m sure I will get a response on here but if not, I will email you directly after we have approached 30 day.



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    Did your pack land yet? We need people to follow up better instead of just making the inquiries … its been a month so either wat it would be nice to get an update. Thx

    Mark Btiggs

    No, it has not. I sent an email 7 – 10 days after and was told to be patient and didnt want to bother you about it. My apologies.

    As far as I can tell, only the shipping label was created. No further movement has occured.

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