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    I placed and paid for an order and even confirmed through email that they received my order and it would be mailed today. But now it shows my order was cancelled. Anyone have an idea what may be the issue? I may have placed the order before signing up so I’m not sure if everything is ok.


    Why is it so hard for RCP to answer these perfectly legitimate questions on orders just like Joes question right he, right now! He’s only asking questions that normally shouldn’t have to be asked. Just good business practice. And I know what I am talking about , believe me.
    Or you might think I don’t really know or care. Whatever. But RCP should not bite the hand that feeds them. Or maybe they just bite hands???

    Most likely they have figured out what they should and shouldn’t do or say during the process of accepting orders, processing and shipping orders and successfully delivering them. That’s my personal opinion at this point anyway.

    And if this site is a scam a scam, then I feel sorry for them. I like a good dependable site that knows what they are doing. If they are legit, (and I think that they are) then they will be good. if they are a scam, all I can say is watch your back…..

    RCB, answer Joe’s question….


    They answered me right away and gave me tracking info , they were very communicative and friendly . I just moved back across the pond from living abroad and i do monthly research and unfortunately had to find new business because my old research vendor didnt ship overseas so through rene’s recommendation and other rc nlogs i found RCB and as i said so far so good, i will return with an update when i receive the product and have done my research:) greetz mates -Shai

    “Life is what happens to you, while your busy making other plans” – John Lennon

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